Advertising – Gear towards Your Brand Success

Advertising – Gear towards Your Brand Success

Advertising – Gear towards Your Brand Success

Do’s and Don’ts that we have collected overtime for SMEs/SMIs Owners




“I know half of my advertising isn’t working.  I just don’t know which half.”

William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme (1851-1925)


You’ve decided to take the plunge, and invest some of your hard-earned resources into promoting your company’s products or services, through advertising.

But here’s the trick.  Do you know what to do, and what makes for effective advertising and marketing – as opposed to ineffective, wasteful advertising and marketing?

Let’s rev up that advertising engine!

Most advertising doesn’t work – fact or myth?


Most advertising doesn’t work, because most people don’t know how to do it correctly!  Yes, you may have the loftiest of ambitions, but have you ever considered that your forte just might not be advertising or marketing?

Getting into gear: Grab your readers’ attention

It’s always easier said than done.  And believe it or not, at least 70% of your advertising effort should be invested in the brainstorming part, looking for creative ideas.

And this is where you need to consider the kind of approach or gimmick you want your campaign to arouse.  What’s the hook that will get your readers to read?  Does it create curiosity?

Gear 1: It’s about them, not you

What’s in it for your readers or targeted customers?  How will your product or service benefit them, or add value to their lives?

Gear 2: What does your ad intend to achieve?

Before you even begin getting into gear, ask yourself: What’s the real purpose of your ad?  Why even bother advertising?  Is your ad intended to generate a lead, an inquiry or an immediate sale?

Gear 3: Testing 1, 2, 3…

Here’s where it gets a bit subjective, and better left to the pros.  Because we’re talking about testing different headings, opening lines, calls-to-action, designs etc. – technically creative and creatively technical stuff, which have the power to make or break any advertising campaign.

Gear 4: Here come the figures

After the testing stage, the accountants or consultants come in.  Because at this point, you need to measure and quantify the effect of your ad, in terms of cost per lead, cost per sale, profit per sale etc.  Who said an advertising and marketing campaign was all creative, and no technical?

Gear 5: Your move, Mr/Ms Reader

What do you want your readers to do, in response to your ad?  Do you want them to call you, email you, write in, or simply leave them to digest the contents of your ad, in their own sweet time?

Gear 6: Autopilot

By now, you should have identified your target readership, your target audience, the intended effect of your ad, and how you want your readers to respond to your ad.  But this overall process can be further precipitated, by using the correct, apt publications.  And this is where stuff like demographics and median incomes come into play.

Revving down

That was quite a joyride, wasn’t it?  But we’ll make it easy for you – and your organization.

At LINs.AD, every word that forms ‘LINs’ defines how we serve our clients – yes, you!  ‘Looking Inwards’ allows us to adopt a 360o approach in understanding what you want.  ‘N’ this allows us to engage in effective ‘Strategizing’, to provide you with results that meet and even exceed your expectations.

In short, we’re talking about 3 words that summarize how we can help you maximize your ad campaign: Total, complete, comprehensive.

At the end of the day, the rationale is really simple.  When you win, we win too – “Everybody wins”.