Key to Successful Marketing Campaign


And let great advertising take care of the rest!

Open your local paper, or simply check your emails at any time of the day, and chances are, you’ll find yourself bombarded with a slew of forgettable `Buy this’ or `Get me now’ ads, vying for your attention.

And yet, people wonder why marketing and advertising are such hard work.

We’re perpetually seeking to change the way people think and behave, by positioning brands and businesses in the middle of a relationship that is only on the peripheral of our customers’ minds.  And while we – the business owner, brand manager or creative agency – know that there’s a real centrality in our relationship with the brand we’re trying to push to customers, it’s simply NOT the case for the vast majority of the people we’re trying to talk to!

The fact is, many businesses still struggle to create awareness, amidst the plethora of social media channels at our disposal, today.  Some of the most commonly asked questions include: “How will it drive sales”, “What’s the relevance” and “Where’s my ROI?”

While these are important questions, they fail to consider one important thing in any laissez faire economy: “What is it that people really, really want of my product or service?”  And the sad truth is, very few businesses have the knowledge and capability to determine the answers – let alone the capacity to integrate these answers into a comprehensive brand and engagement framework.

In short, our channels of communication have matured, but our organisational understanding of addressing “What people want” continues to lag.  We’re so pre-occupied with making people want things…that we fail to make things that people really want!

What if we went further, and understood our customers’ journey from the outside-in?  This means, rather than pushing advertorials and messages designed to interrupt and stimulate, we provide such incentive, surprise and delight that our efforts prompt purchases and create business relationships with our customers?

With careful planning and foresight, it’s actually easier done than you imagine.  Here’s what you can do, to engage customers, give them what they want, and be rewarded for it:

  • Start small.  Rather than thinking of how you’re going to change the world, what is your vision that will change one person’s experience of what you do?  By all means, have the big vision in the back of your mind, but start as small as you can.
  • Be quick.  Stop thinking about what you can do and actually start doing it!  Think about what you can do with the budget you already have in your hand.
  • Engage.  Don’t just plan and do nothing else.  Talk to your customers.  Engage with them on social media, and bring them into your planning process.

Do these, and honestly, within a week or so, you will have a deeper understanding of what your customers really, really want from you.  And that’s when great marketing or advertising comes in…to support and promote your product or service, which your customers really want or need!