LINs.AD Director Shares Business Insights at 1st Ever Public Seminar

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Kuala Lumpur, 17th July 2013

Addressing a capacity crowd – consisting of business owners and entrepreneurs – at the Kechara Oasis Restaurant at Viva Home, LINs.AD Director, Mickie Teo, shared his numerous insights on the advertising industry, at the “Social relationships as a component of successful organizational DNA” forum.

Mickie began with an introduction of LINs.AD Malaysia, where he ran his audience through a brief history of the agency’s inception in Malaysia in 1996, to its accreditation as a 4A’s organization in 2008, and the company’s present stead and diverse portfolio of clients.

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Mickie engaging his audience in a lively discourse, at the Kechara Oasis Restaurant

Peppering his speech with humor, he then posed the question constituting the gist of his talk: Are Advertising and Marketing the same thing?

With his audience paying rapt attention, Mickie proceeded to debunk the common misconception that `Advertising and Marketing are the same thing’. While acknowledging that both constitute different sides of the same coin, he emphasized that Advertising is the form of communicating to people about a product or service available, while Marketing is the process of doing so.

Mickie then shared a few key statistics regarding the local SME/SMI industry, before moving on to the coup-de-grace: How, by investing in Advertising, Marketing and Branding, an SME/SMI can actually carve a niche market for itself, both locally and overseas.

The Director’s talk was well-received, with many amongst the audience posing Mickie the occasional question, as he shared his insights with them. And perhaps, the best takeaway message everyone procured from the talk, was the knowledge that “it’s not just what you do to succeed, it’s HOW you go about doing it”.