“Starting a business…but who stole my heart & my dream?”

Starting a business - Visual 1
  • Subang Jaya, 19th & 20th July 2013

It’s always easy to blame circumstances and external factors, when things go wrong. But then again, how often do we ask ourselves: “Could I’ve done better? Could I’ve made the best of a bad situation?”

That was the essence of Miracles of Capital founder, Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan’s final seminar – prior to the Global Business Forum 2013 in August – at Subang Jaya’s Empire Hotel, last Friday and Saturday (July 19th & 20th).

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Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, founder of Miracles of Capital, engaging participants in a lively discourse

Addressing a capacity classroom of entrepreneurs and business owners, Dr. Wong’s seminar was made all the more interesting, with many an occasional anecdote shared by his guest speaker from China, Mr. Li Wen Yu. Mr. Li’s story was one that must be heard, to be truly appreciated. Despite his troubled past, Mr. Li was living proof to all present that while one’s past may influence one’s future, it doesn’t necessarily set the latter in stone.

Starting a business - Visual 3

Participants listening closely to Chinese guest speaker, Mr. Li Wen Yu, as he shares an anecdote

Throughout the entire duration of the seminar, Dr. Wong challenged many a popular notion most people – including entrepreneurs – would have. A brilliant and experienced academic himself, his anecdotes even bordered on the metaphysical; inspiring food for thought. And respond to his questions and thought-provoking discourses, his audience did!

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LINs Comm director, Mickie Teo, kick-starting the seminar, by welcoming fellow participants

LINs Comm is proud to be associated with the Miracles of Capital and Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, and equally proud to be the event manager of choice, for the Miracles of Capital’s many seminars and forums, including the upcoming Global Business Forum 2013.