iRich2: The Winners’ Seminar


  • 13th October 2013 (Premiera Hotel, Kuala Lumpur)

Where winning is always a choice we make in life!

How often do we get the chance to meet entrepreneurs who have recorded billions of dollars in revenue, let alone learn from them?


LINs.AD Directors Shirly Tan and Mickie Teo posing with a bunting featuring Mickie, as a guest speaker!

That was just what participants at this Seminar got, as they joined internationally-renowned speakers and successful entrepreneurs…the opportunity to meet, hook up and learn!

Some of the speakers from Taiwan and Malaysia who shared the secrets of their success were:

  • Strategic management expert, Dr. Chen Zhi Ming, who talked about “The Strategies of the Three Kingdoms”;
  • Expert negotiator, Mr. Lin Jia Tai, who talked about “Insights into Business Opportunities: Dominant Bargaining”; and
  • Martial arts champion and sales expert, Mr. Zheng Yun Long, who shared his experience on how he achieved success.

The Seminar was capped-off with a forum featuring guest speakers Mickie Teo (LINs.AD Director and brand-creation specialist), Datin Sri Cynthia Zheng Jin Hong (entrepreneur and director of YS Hampers) and Mr Lin Qi Guo (special speaker and Chairman of Taiwan’s Denwell Group); all of whom shared their insights on how branding and brand-creation help a business succeed.


Forum Guest Speakers, Mickie Teo (brand-creation specialist), Datin Sri Cynthia Zheng Jin Hong (director of YS Hampers) and Mr Lin Qi Guo (Denwell Group Chairman) sharing their insights with all present

Mr. Lin Qi Guo’s background was all the more interesting, given that he was a refugee from Laos who made it big, with a rags-to-riches story to boot. Needless to say, his story and philosophy were keenly absorbed by all present, including his fellow guest speakers.

All in all, this Seminar proved to a window of opportunity for participants, many of whom approached the speakers – including Mickie – to pursue matters of interest to them.



Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique’s GRAND Opening a Grand Success!


  • The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur (Tuesday, 8th October 2013)

Internationally-established brands “Dr. Shigemoto” and “Coeur Esthetique” recently hosted members of the media and specially-invited guests to the Grand Opening of their boutique outlet at The Intermark.

Established in Osaka, Japan, both “Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique” are internationally-established brands and trademark products of renowned Japanese plastic surgeon, Dr. Joe Shigemoto and his business partners, Ms. Naomi Alice and Mr. Masahiko Moto. A graduate of Tokushima Medical University, Dr. Shigemoto founded “Joe Clinic” as a predecessor to “Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique” in November 2003, with a decade’s experience under his belt, since graduation.

“Dr. Shigemoto” and “Coeur Esthetique” were ranked #1 for customer satisfaction, in 3 consecutive Oricon Customer Service Satisfaction surveys undertaken in 2010 (facial), 2011 (epilation) and 2012 (epilation) in Japan. The brands’ roots go all the way back to October 2002, and they are currently offered to discerning clients via 7 “Dr. Shigemoto” and “Coeur Esthetique” salons located throughout Japan.


Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique” founders and management, joined by special guests, prepare to cut the ribbon at the launching of the signature outlet

In Malaysia, both the “Dr. Shigemoto” and “Coeur Esthetique” brands are merged as “Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique”, to provide clients with a more holistic, comprehensive solution to every possible beauty and health need they may have. Dr. Shigemoto, Ms. Alice and Mr. Moto continue to bring in only the best and latest technology and equipment from Japan, in providing services including epilation, facial care and body slimming, as well as plastic surgery for the eyes, nose, face, etc. They also provide consultation services for anti-aging and skin problems.

“Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique”’s Malaysian headquarters are located within the famed Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle itself, at Level 1, Vista Tower, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. Globally, both brands are available in more than 13 countries throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America. Further information about the “Dr. Shigemoto & Coeur Esthetique” brand can be obtained from these websites:

Inquiries may be directed to the General Manager, Kevin Ong at 017-300 8691 /

LINs.AD congratulates Dr. Shigemoto, Ms. Alice and Mr. Moto on the grand success of the Grand Opening of “Dr. Shigemoto” and “Coeur Esthetique”, and is proud to be your advertising agency of choice!