360 degrees Approach from LINs AD

360 degrees Approach from LINs AD

An insight into how we’re able to continue providing 360o solutions to our clients!


What features a “Motivation Corner”, “Birthday of the Month”, “Activities/Media/News”, “Games/Trivia”, “Memo” and even “Attendance” section, all comfortably tucked into a conspicuous corner of the LINs.AD building in Kuala Lumpur?

Here’s a clue: It covers the wall on the right to the elevator, once you step into our office. In fact, it’s big and long enough, that you can’t miss it – unless you’re walking into our `home ground’ with eyes closed, of course.

Welcome to the LINs.AD Notice Board, created by LINs.AD-ians, by LINs.AD-ians, and for LINs.AD-ians. On it, even strangers entering our office will be able to purview the personnel ‘layout’ of the entire building, with photos of the personnel you seek featured on the Board, to facilitate your search.


More than just a platform on which personnel can exercise, highlight and share their creativity, our Notice Board is in itself an embodiment of the very philosophy that drives LINs.AD. This philosophy forms the acronym “LINs”, which in turn, is an abbreviation for “Looking Inwards ‘N’ Strategizing”.

Yep, you read it right. Every alphabet that forms “LINs” defines how we serve you, our esteemed clients. “Looking Inwards” allows us to adopt a 360o approach in understanding what you want. “N” this allows us to then engage in effective “Strategizing” in providing you with results that meet and even exceed your expectations!

It is indeed this very philosophy that has led to the founding of our affiliate company LINs Communication Sdn Bhd (LINs Comm) in 2009, under the LINs.AD umbrella; so that we may continue to diversify and extend our expertise in the creative field to related ones such as event management, design concepts, corporate and product launches, press conferences, exhibitions, fairs, conventions, conferences, meetings, seminars, road-shows, gala dinners, and commercial and private events.

The rationale is really simple. When our clients win, we win too. “Everybody Wins!

Of course, charity begins at home, and where else better to start, than the office-building that 40 creative, dedicated souls consider their 2nd  ‘home sweet home’?

So now you know how the LINs.AD Notice Board came into being, why not pay us a visit, check it out, and ask how we can help meet your advertising, marketing and strategic branding needs?

Ask yourself: What have you to lose?