Dear Friends,

The late American educator-cum-author, Helen Keller (1880 – 1968), once remarked: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

I need not convince you of the truth and wisdom behind her words. 2013 has been a remarkably eventful year for LINs.AD and our affiliate company, LINs Comm. And for that, I truly am grateful.

Yes, we’re a 4As ad agency, specializing in 360° advertising and marketing solutions for our esteemed clients, who range from MNCs to sole proprietorships. But 2013 also saw us ramping up efforts, to do more than just produce ads and marketing gimmicks.

What is marketing? What is advertising? Surely, both have their roots in BRANDING, right?

It is in this realization – that gimmicks come and go, but true brands survive the test of time and customer loyalty – that LINs.AD has aggressively pursued means to diversify our repertoire of services, by positioning the company as a BRAND STRATEGIST.

成功企业DNA Pic_170713

Mickie Teo (4th from right) with fellow speakers at the “Social relationships as a component of successful organizational DNA” seminar in July 2013 

To this effect, I’ve started the proverbial ball rolling, by serving as a speaker in several public seminars, including “Social relationships as a component of successful organizational DNA” in July, and “iRich2: The Winners’ Seminar” in October.


Mickie Teo (far right) fielding questions at the “iRich2: The Winners’ Seminar” in October 2013 

Of course, just like all good brands, our next aim is a process that will evolve over time. Good things, after all, take time to form. But we believe that as we progress, hand in glove, with our clients, the experience we’ve accrued over the decades will allow us to be of greater service to you, our valued clients.

Excellence Award 2

Mickie Teo (R) and Co-Director Shirly Tan (L), posing with LINs.AD’s Award Certificate, at the 12th Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award Ceremony in August 2013 

We’re equally honoured to be inducted into “The Book of Legends”, as one of the winners of the 12th Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2013. Held in August 2013 at the Putrajaya Marriott, this Award honours organizations that practise and prioritize excellence, in their daily operations. While this recognition is significant to us, we remain humbled by the fact that there’s still plenty of room for progress and improvement, in taking LINs.AD and LINs Comm to even greater heights.

This brings me to the take-home message I’d love to share with you.

Everything we’ve done at LINs.AD – and continue to do – is about V.A.L.U.E.

  • V for `Vision’: The ability to see
  • A for `Art/Artwork’: What we produce and deliver to you, our clients
  • L for `Leadership’: Stepping up to lead all projects entrusted to us
  • U for `United’: The different set of skills and talents we have as a team, channelled toward serving you, and our mutual goals
  • E for `Evolve’: Being in tune with the times, yet constantly evolving and changing for the better

LINs.AD turns 25 next year!

And we believe that as long as continue to enhance V.A.L.U.E, we’ll continue retaining your trust and faith in us, as your 360° advertising, marketing and branding solutions partner!

On this note, and on behalf of LINs.AD and LINs Comm, I wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, with golden prospects of better tidings to come!

MICKIE TEO – Executive Director, LINs.AD Malaysia