Yasmin Ahmad: Making the Forgettable, Unforgettable (PART 3 OF 3)

Yasmin Ahmad: Making the Forgettable, Unforgettable (PART 3 OF 3)

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Ads, no matter how creative, come and go, as do marketing campaigns. But strong brands endure. And that’s indeed the hallmark and beauty of a brand. Think “Coca-Cola”, think `McDonald’s”, think “Mercedes Benz”. Ultimately, it’s really a question of `do I pass through history, or do I make history?’.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Thanks to the late Yasmin Ahmad, most Malaysians don’t really REMEMBER Petronas as `an oil and gas company’. We remember, and think of, Petronas as a caring, responsible corporate entity that wishes to enhance and enrich the lives of common Malaysians.

Let’s do a pop-quiz.

Do you hang out at Starbucks because you really like the coffee, or because it’s a `cool’ place to hang out with pals at?

Do you wear a Rolex watch because it’s really the best watch in the market, or because numerous celebrities wear it too?

Do you sip a Smirnoff vodka martini because you really like the cocktail, or because the legendary, fictional spy `James Bond’ prefers it `stirred, not shaken’?

Do you buy a Mercedes-Benz for the sake of having the car itself, or the lifestyle and prestige that comes with owning one?

Be honest with yourself.

One coffee’s usually quite as good as any other, a watch is only an instrument to tell time, there’s really no need to order a vodka martini when a beer will do, and seriously, isn’t a car just a means of transportation?

So why even bother forking out hard-earned cash, on these…BRANDS?

Only you – and you alone – can answer that. And if you need some expert advice, feel free to contact LINs.AD, your 360o advertising, marketing and branding partner. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through how you can push your product or service to your target audience, without being pushy.

Remember; it’s not just about advertising and marketing what you’ve to offer. It’s about branding what you’ve to offer, so that the forgettable, becomes unforgettable.