Evaluating Great Ads

A Definitive Guide for SME/SMI Owners

What distinguishes an ad from the rest? What makes some ads great, and others, just plain forgettable?

As Marketers, we’re bombarded with tonnes of information overload, resulting in potential Information Obesity. This same predicament is also shared by our customers, the very people we’re trying to reach!

Basic Stats


Information Overload

In order to stand out from the crowd, we need to be able to create, collate and communicate the intended message to our audience’s mind.

The benefits of knowing how to evaluate great ads include:

  • The increased ability to create and deliver marketing messages that are well-suited to the audience’s taste
  • The increased ability to improve the quality of ads produced
  • The ability to achieve better ROI on your branding efforts
  • An increase in your company’s brand value, using a simple ad or a series of integrated ads
  • Great, memorable ads that actually boost sales


What makes an ad great?

The questions one should always bear in mind are:

  • What is the ad trying to say? 

Always deliver one, consistent message throughout, with only one objective in mind – the product / service in the ad has to be the centrepiece of attention, after all

  • Who are they talking to?

The more specific the target audience, the better! Ads that speak to the heart are usually the ones that win hearts. But it also needs to address the issue faced by the audience

  • Why would the target audience listen? Why should they care?

The more concrete the idea behind the ad, the more resonance the audience has with the brand. After all, an ad is a medium to deliver solutions to the needs and wants of your audience.


Example of a great ad


“How the Dumb Ways to Die Game Got People To Be Even Safer Around Trains”

(http://mccann.com.au/project/dumb-ways-to-die / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev-R0tsreBw)

The objective of the ad is to promote rail safety and to educate and remind people to appreciate their lives. Accidents and deaths on Melbourne’s train system had been on the rise for years, but public safety messages didn’t seem to be working, especially with young people. The authorities hence looked for another way to drive this message home, turning to entertainment and branded content to engage the target market.

So, instead of placing multiple safety messages across the board, which were effectively useless, the public safety message was delivered in a sarcastic way by depicting multiple scenarios of some of the dumbest ways to die.   Results:

  • It convinced 1 million young people to pledge to be safer around trains, which resulted in a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths.
  • It was viewed 2.5 million times within 48 hours and 4.7 million times within 72 hours. Within two weeks, the video had been viewed 28 million times. As of June 2014 the video has had over 81 million views.

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