What Forms of Advertisement Customers Trust Most



A marketing survey conducted on EnSurvey.com revealed that TV and Newspapers are still the most perused and trusted sources of information dissemination amongst Malaysians.



What form of advertisement do you trust2

What form of Advertisement do You Trust



Nevertheless, nothing has yet to surpass the conventional `word of mouth’ method. When consumers seek to make a purchase, most will still seek their friends/acquaintances’ recommendations as their most trusted source of information. This means, word of mouth is still the most powerful advertising tool in the world, regardless of country, region or socio-economic background.

The second most `trusted’ source of information that influences buying behaviour are newspaper and TV ads.

Our deductions based on these observations boil down to this preliminary surmise: That consumers tend to rely on trust-based advertising, when deciding on a purchase.

What form of review do you trust 2

What form of Review Do you Trust



Meanwhile, the high costs and high distribution volumes of newspaper and TV ads lends credo to the brand appearing in them. This is because consumers tend to believe that only brands with strong financial backgrounds, backed by reputable companies, will gain media value and publicity than those that do not advertise on either medium.Due to
trust developed over time, word of mouth continues to be the dominant factor influencing consumer buying behaviour.

Bloggers has gained more trust than magazines nowadays too.

So what can you do to tap into this information?

1) Use newspapers and videos as marketing medium for your business

2) Focus on the following demographics: 18 – 22 / 23-27 /28-32 / 33-37. Surveys have shown that those belonging to the `Baby Boomer’ or older generation are simply not as internet-savvy.

3) Start engaging bloggers to cover your activities or events

4) Create information that can be easily shared online and offline

5) Launch your company Facebook page and start engaging your customers online


Malaysian Largest Clothes Buffet Facebook





We launched a Facebook page called Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet and managed to attract more than 1000 likes and talk-abouts within the first week of launch.Our sister event management company, LINs Comm Sdn Bhd has launched Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet in April 2014. We fully understood that most of our target customers fell within 18 – 30 years old, and it was the perfect time to engage and attract crowds via social media and newspaper.

A few days before the Clothes Buffet at Syopz Mall @ Taylors Lakeside, we created a few contests to further boost engagement with our fans and prompt them about our upcoming event.

During the first day of the Clothes Buffet, we invited media reps from Sin Chew Jit Poh, The Star, The Sun, Nan Yang Siang Pau, Female Magazines, and many more to come for coverage.

This further improved the awareness level of the Clothes Buffet and we successfully grabbed the attention of thousands of people in just 3 days.

Another event that we have helped building since year 2009 is the Kuala Lumpur International Gifts & Premium Fair.

Kuala Lumpur International Gifts & Premium Fair 2014 KLIGP



The Kuala Lumpur International Gifts & Premium Fair (KLIGP) is endorsed by MATRADE as the Southeast Asia’s largest gifts and premium fair. This year the launching of the KLIGP Mobile App encouraged the visitors to register themselves using their phones, instead of waiting in a long queue. The KLIGP Mobile App helped reduce the waiting time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes and ease the registration process altogether. More than 1500 visitors pre-registered themselves for the event and we have recorded more than 10,000 visitors in total over the 3-day period.


We have also launched a lot of advertisements in different publications such as Nan Yang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Jit Poh, The Star Newspaper, Berita Harian, Business Today etc.


With the presence of Dato’ Noraini Ahmad, Chairman of MATRADE and other guests of honour, we attracted multiple media owners to cover our event at the PWTC from June 4 – 6, 2014.


The total earned media coverage garnered was estimated to be more RM100, 000. 

Kuala Lumpur International Gifts & Premium Fair 2014 KLIGP

So talk to us – your 360o advertising, marketing and branding consultant – to find out more about how we can help you create complete marketing strategies that get you more fans and generate more revenues for your business! 

We ensure that our clients gain valuable insights and information about their customers as we want to generate fans to your business. In order to do so, thorough analysis and market research and segmentation are required.

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