Most Successful Re-Branding Campaign Ever

Burberry was considered “gang-wear”; today, it’s worn by the likes of Emma Watson and Kate Moss


Harley-Davidson almost went bankrupt; now they are considered one of the most reliable motorcycle brands


Apple was nearly bankrupt; now it `rules’ the world

Why Re-Brand? Top 5 WHYs

1.You will create a platform to establish a leadership position in your category and more importantly create alignment inside your company. It’s another chance to get things right.

2.Your vision, purpose and core values are reflected in your new brand identity that you and your team can be immensely proud of.

3.You will attract the right talent to your company.

4.Your brand architecture (the relationship between your company, divisions, product/service categories and products/services) is planned out so it makes sense now and in the future.

5.You get a brand standards’ guide to make sure your brand is consistent across all forms of communication – a key ingredient to managing a strong brand.


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