Pepsi evolved over time. What about you?



How your logo evolves (or doesn’t) has the potential to make or break your brand.

Consider the case of “Pepsico”. The evolution of the “Pepsi” logo over the decades was strategically executed to enhance the company’s brand value, and also maintain its connection with customers.

Despite a permit from the company to use its logo costing US$1 million upfront, many continue to vie in featuring this logo, due to the company’s solid brand reputation.

So, under what circumstances should a brand owner consider tweaking or even changing the brand’s logo?

1. When the current logo isn’t relevant anymore vis-à-vis the modern media. Cross-channel and integrated media network distribution play important roles in this information age. Consumers get confused when they see different logos of different sizes on different platforms! If you happen to have this concern, it’s time to consider standardizing – and changing – your logo.

2. Your business has evolved over the years, but you’re still using the same logo! Your existing logo might not resemble your business’s nature, anymore.

3. Your competitors have a better, more applicable or more interesting logo than you do. A cleaner, more professional look may just be what you need.

4. Your logo is too complicated – having too many unnecessary lines or effects! Take a look at the world’s top brands’ logos. Clean, clear designs are the ones that usually withstand the test of time.

5. You’ve been using a DIY logo since your start-up days. Your design may well be outdated, or your business may have transformed significantly since then.


A skilfully-designed logo is one that resonates and connects with people from all walks, ages, languages, culture and nationalities of life.

But how would you evaluate whether your brand’s logo is doing what it should?

The best way to know is to talk to pros who have been working on brand logos for more than 20 years. Only a professional agency, powered by professional designers would be able to allay any doubts you have, and help you realign your thoughts on your brand.

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