Do You Know that Quality drives Brand Loyalty?

Do You Know that Quality drives Brand Loyalty?

What makes you loyal to a brand?

80% – Quality

72% – Customer Service

50% – Price

45% – Convenience

15% – Commitment to Social Responsibility

What Makes You Loyal to a Brand

What can SMEs and SMIs do to increase brand loyalty?

  • Quality products are a must, and customer testimonials play an important role in communicating your brand’s quality.
  • Stay engaged – Treat your customers like family members. Show them love. Give them gifts. Motivate them. Give more, and you’ll receive more.
  • Offer Value for Money (VFM) – Understand that each dollar your customers spend comes from their hard work and efforts. Let them know that you care. Let them know how your products/ services are worth what they’re paying for.
  • Make things simple and easy-to-use, from Registration to Product Delivery.
  • Give back to society – There’s a catchphrase for it: Corporate Social Responsibility. Create partnerships with various NGOs in the community.

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