It’s been to outer space & back! What GoPro cameras can claim that their peers cannot


Marina Putrajaya (November 12th, 2014)

Recording memories has never looked better or cooler, with the introduction of GoPro’s most powerful lineup of gadgets, ever. In a splashy, fun-filled party, FunSportz Sdn Bhd – the exclusive importer and distributor of GoPro equipment from the USA – proudly brings to Malaysian enthusiasts the latest range, featuring the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver editions.

From extreme to mainstream, professional to consumer, GoPro has enabled the world to capture and share its passions. GoPro and HERO are registered trademarks of GoPro Inc. in the USA and other countries. And with GoPro’s Emmy Award-winning imaging technology and enhanced ease-of-use features such as 4k30, 2.7K50 and 1080p 120fps video capture, as well as built-in touch display convenience, both are perfect for video/photographers looking for that `little extra’ at equally competitive prices.

The GoPro HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver cameras will certainly appeal to discerning outdoor and nature lovers, videographers and indeed, anyone with an eye for only the highest-quality video-cum-photography equipment. And yes, GoPro cameras have been used by NASA astronauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS) for research purposes.

Founded in Malaysia in 2009 with the aim of bringing quality products relating to outdoor, sports and travel activities to consumers, FunSportz ( also specializes in gadgets that are both unique and fun.

LINs Communication Sdn Bhd (LINs Comm) congratulates FunSportz Sdn Bhd on the successful launching of the latest GoPro range of equipment, and is proud to be your event management partner of choice!


Season 2 of Malaysia’s Largest Clothes Buffet draws the crowd in Malacca

MCB Image 1


This being the 5th round organized so far, the Clothes Buffet drew a large crowd from all walks of life, when it was recently held at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall from September 13th to 16th.

Featuring a fascinating variety of brand new clothing and fashion items, all shoppers had to do was pay RM60 for a bag to shop, grab as many clothes as they can in 15 minutes, and stuff everything into their bags, before walking off!

25th Anniversary Message From LINs.AD Malaysia’s Executive Director


Dear Friends & Clients,

It gives me great pleasure to pen this special message to you, in tandem with our 25th Anniversary celebrations!

Yes, you read it correctly. LINs.AD is 25 years old, this year.

We’ve come a long way indeed since our inception in Singapore way back in 1989, and the establishment of our Kuala Lumpur office in 1996.

What’s more, we’ve had the honour of serving literally thousands of clients over the decades, ranging from MNCs to sole proprietorships.

It goes without saying that YOU put the `U’ in `US’, for without you, there’s no us. And for this, we very humbly thank you for your unswerving support. It is your support that has allowed us to expand over the years, which in turn resulted in the founding of LINs Communication Sdn Bhd (LINs.Comm) – our event management affiliate company – in 2009.

In honour of this very special occasion, please allow me to share some of my innermost thoughts with you; thoughts that are shared by my esteemed colleagues too.

Now, we’re all familiar with the adage, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

As a 4As ad agency specializing in 360o integrated advertising, marketing and branding solutions for our clients, LINs.AD remains acutely and humbly aware of the importance of planning.

This is because if there’s anything we’ve learnt over our 25 years dabbling in this industry, it’s that gimmicks and trends come and go, but only companies that consciously brand their products or services continue to survive the test of time and consumer loyalty.

So yes, the key word here is BRANDING.

LINs.AD started-off as `just another ad agency’, but we’ve aggressively pursued means to offer our clients even more comprehensive services, and one of the most important of these today is by serving as a BRAND STRATEGIST to them.

But branding is not just something you `feel like doing’. Branding is not just about `logos and trademarks’. Branding is not something`that I don’t really need, because nobody really cares’.

Branding is something that we need to concisely and precisely strategize about, before executing to perfection. Because good things take time to form, branding is also something that takes time to evolve, before one can reap the rewards of one’s efforts.

Consider the case of Apple Inc., one of the world’s most valuable brands. Founded in 1976 by the late Steve Jobs and his ex-partners Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, would Apple Inc.’s brand value be worth more than US$100 billion today, if not for the conscious efforts of its founders, especially Steve Jobs?

My point is simple. Good things don’t happen overnight, and they certainly don’t happen without careful planning.

Apple Inc. took more than 20 years to be where they are, today. And so did LINs.AD, through the concerted effort of branding.

So, as you see, gentle reader, everything we continue to do at LINs.AD for YOU is about V.A.L.U.E.

  • V for `Vision’: The ability to see
  • A for `Art/Artwork’: What we produce and deliver to you, our clients
  • L for `Leadership’: Stepping up to lead all projects entrusted to us
  • U for `United’: The different set of skills and talents we have as a team, channelled toward serving you, and our mutual goals
  • E for `Evolve’: Being in tune with the times, yet constantly evolving and changing for the better

We did it, over 25 years, and we’re still doing it.

So my final point is equally simple.  If we can do it, why can’t YOU?

So talk to us today or ring +603-9221 3388, on how we can help you promote, enhance and consolidate your brand locally and globally. What have you to lose, after all, by merely finding out more?

Please allow me to conclude my message by extending you our heartfelt gratitude, for your trust, support and faith in us over the decades.

Let us continue working together toward outcomes where “Everybody Wins!


Executive Director, LINs.AD Malaysia

Brand-Building: How Much Is Too Much?

Brand-Building: How Much Is Too Much?

Brand-Building: How Much Is Too Much?

“A company can spend millions of dollars building a brand with amazing equity – but if nobody buys it, what do they have? Absolutely nothing. Marketers are responsible for affecting behaviour, whether that’s purchase or consumption.”

“MARKETING” magazine, May-June Edition 2014

 Brand Insistence

Let’s say it for what it is. Brand-building is a marketing strategy that costs money up front. It’s an initial outlay, where you invest a significant amount of hard-earned money, in the hope that it will bring you greater returns in time to come.

So this begs the question: Is it worth spending money on a branding effort – which includes advertising and marketing – in expecting returns from your branding campaign, at the end of the proverbial day?

As a general rule of thumb, companies are advised to spend around 5% of their total revenue on marketing to maintain their current market position. Companies looking to grow or gain greater market share should budget for a higher percentage, usually circa 10%.

The formula is simple:

  • Total Revenue X 5% = Marketing budget required to maintain current awareness & visibility
  • Total Revenue X 10% = Marketing budget required to grow & gain market share

Exceptions of course apply, but mostly to companies that have already attained economies of scale, and also a certain market awareness of their brands.

Cost to reach 1000 people online

Walmart, for instance, only spends approximately 0.4% of their annual sales revenue on advertising. But because of their significantly high volume of sales, this equals a substantial advertising budget amount that can accomplish the same magnitude of brand-building and marketing ROI as another retailer’s larger percentage.

In short, the higher the volume of sales a business does, the lower the percentage of sales they can expect to spend, to expect similar outcomes.

With approximately 50% of marketing funds channelled towards building brand awareness, companies that have established a strong brand-footing in their given markets have a competitive edge when it comes to how much they will have to spend to maintain their brand awareness. If a company’s target market is not familiar with either the company itself or the brand of products or services it offers, the percentage of sales revenue budgeted towards marketing will need to be higher.

Here’s a glimpse into how much the top 10 global brands spent on advertising in 2013



Brand Value ($bil)

Brand Revenue ($bil)

Company Advertising
































General Electric















Louis Vuitton




Source: Forbes Magazine

The world’s top 10 brands spent a total of US$20,500 million in 2013 alone, to achieve a combined brand value and brand revenue worth US$ 476.3 billion and US$869.9 billion, respectively.

Global Online Advertising Spending

Now, were you the competitor of any of these 10 largest brands, would you be willing to spend US$20,500 million on advertising alone, just to outdo your competition?

Even if you could afford to do so, should you really fork out so much money on advertising?

Is advertising an effective way of marketing your product or service?

If yes, where should you start spend your advertising money?

And how much?

The key to answering the preceding questions is to really drill down and understand your business in and out.

By doing a strategic business analysis, you would be able to understand your brand equity even better, and this will assist you in making wiser decisions – including setting your marketing and advertising budget, as well as determining whether your existing marketing channel is working for you now and in the future.

The best way to do so is to sit down with a brand consultant, who will be able to provide you with not only insight, but also fore- and hindsight into your business.

So talk to us at LINs.AD today – your 360o advertising, marketing and branding solutions partner – and together, we’ll figure out the most viable way to promote your brand to your intended market.

Contact: +603-92213388 (Shirly/Mickie/Bernard)




5 Value-For-Money Reasons To Work With A 4As Ad Agency

5 Value – For Money Reasons to Work with A 4As Ad Agency

What is 4As Agency?
The 4As are an abbreviation for the `Association of Accredited Advertising Agents’ of Malaysia. This organisation was founded in the 1960s to promote good advertising and ensure that the public is better informed of the availability of goods and services.

In doing so, this Association also champions the interests of ad agencies vis-a-vis their clients, i.e. advertisers. The Association deals with industry issues and makes recommendations to its members. It negotiates for better practices with other industries and industry bodies with direct and indirect relationships with the advertising business.

4As - Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia

It also liaises with the Government and other bodies on matters affecting the work of advertising as a whole, in representing its members’ interest as responsible, professional practitioners of advertising. The 4As of Malaysia also engages the business community in regular dialogue, in its desire to demonstrate to businesses the relevance of advertising, and the vital role it plays as an undeniably effective vehicle of marketing communication.

Put simply, this Association also plays the role of educator, by providing its members and the industry with a regular supply of advertising personnel via the regular training programmes it conducts.

Membership of this prestigious Association generates approximately 80% of the total advertising volume placed by agencies nationwide. Although virtually all of the large, multinational agencies are members, more than 60% of the membership consists of smaller, yet equally talent-staffed agencies.
The 4As of Malaysia is not a club. Rather, it’s a management-oriented association that offers its members the broadest possible services, expertise and information regarding the advertising agency business.

It collects and shares information and ideas affecting advertising agencies and other marketing communications organisations among members and other interested parties. And that means that A&W, for example, has its finger on the pulse of the marketing world, so we know what’s going on and when it’s happening.

There’s also the high standard of social responsibility that the 4As of Malaysia requires of its advertising agency members. All member agencies are expected to continually help improve the efficiency and value of advertising and other marketing communications by fostering and stimulating scientific research and investigation advantageous to the advertising industry as a whole.

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia is more than just a trade association; it’s a collection of talented, accomplished individuals from all industry disciplines, dedicated to sharing their own experiences and best practices with a larger community. When these letters (AAAA) appear on any collateral, it’s a way of telling everyone that we not only have the resources to get the best possible marketing results for our clients, but that we’re also held to a standard of advertising excellence and ethics that are par excellence.



How are 4As Agencies Different? 

Here are some of our core values and practises, and they are very stringently imposed and monitored by the Association:

• Professional & Specialised
• Code of Conducts
• Creative Standard & Governance
• Training & Staff Development
• Extensive Network: Liaising with regulatory/government bodies
• Integrity & Trust
• Strategic Standing in Advertising

The bottom-line is simple, though: Know that when you work with a 4As agency, you’re working with the best!


Boomerang Membership Accreditation Programme

Boomerang - 4As Membership Accreditation Points

Boomerang Membership Accreditation Programme is launched by 4As Malaysia to boost the industry by introducing point based system that ensures that all members who fulfil the  point requirements stay as ordinary members.


Putra Brand Awards

Putra Brand Awards is the premier brand awards in Malaysia and it is the only brand award of, by and for the brand managers and owners.

Launched in 2010 by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) in association with the Malaysia’s Most Valuable Brands (MMVB), the Putra Brand Awards to recognize brand building as an integral business investment, measured by consumer preference.


Graduate Fellowship Program

For those who haven’t heard of it, GFP is an intensive programme whereby selected graduates undergo on-the-job training at sponsoring agencies for three months. They also attend training in the evening at 95% The Advertising Academy.

The sponsoring agencies and the 4As fully fund the programme, valued at RM11,500 per person (including a monthly fellowship allowance of RM2,000). Applicants have to undergo a stringent interview process.


Advanced Leadership Program

Designed in collaboration with Astro and 4As Malaysia, this special Berlin School advanced leadership program uses a dynamic mix of lectures, case studies and self-assessment exercises to help improve skills essential for effective decision making and leading change within organisations.




About LINs Advertising & Marketing Sdn Bhd

Award Winning 4As Advertising & Marketing Agency in Malaysia

LINs Advertising & Marketing Sdn Bhd (more popularly known as “LINs.AD”) has come a long way, since it was founded in Singapore in 1989, as LINs Advertising & Marketing Pte Ltd.

From a budding agency staffed by only 5 personnel, LINs.AD today is a fully-accredited and widely-recognized agency, powered by more than 80 talented professionals. “More”, because as our portfolio of clients – which includes MNCs, SMEs and sole proprietorships – continues to grow well beyond the 1,000 mark, we continue to engage and develop motivated people to be assimilated into our rapidly expanding ranks.

Now comfortably settled in our own office-building at Fraser Business Park in the heart of KL, we continue to employ our motto of ‘Looking Inwards “N” Strategising’, in serving our rapidly-expanding portfolio of clientele.
We works best in providing integrated marketing campaigns from Above the Line to Below the Line, integrated with Digital Campaigns that help local SMEs and SMIs to strive building long-lasting brand in the minds of consumers.
Our services
• Media Planning & Buying: Press/Newspaper/Magazine Ads, Bus/Taxi Ads, Radio & TV Commercials
• Advertising & Direct Marketing
• Design & Art Direction
• Multimedia & Website Development
• Market Research & Analysis
• Public Relations
• Events Marketing & Promotions
• Strategic Planning & Development
• Outdoor Media
• Broadcast & Print Production


Schedule a one-to-one consultation with us today!

Contact: +603-92213388 (Shirly/Mickie/Bernard)





Evaluating Great Ads

A Definitive Guide for SME/SMI Owners

What distinguishes an ad from the rest? What makes some ads great, and others, just plain forgettable?

As Marketers, we’re bombarded with tonnes of information overload, resulting in potential Information Obesity. This same predicament is also shared by our customers, the very people we’re trying to reach!

Basic Stats


Information Overload

In order to stand out from the crowd, we need to be able to create, collate and communicate the intended message to our audience’s mind.

The benefits of knowing how to evaluate great ads include:

  • The increased ability to create and deliver marketing messages that are well-suited to the audience’s taste
  • The increased ability to improve the quality of ads produced
  • The ability to achieve better ROI on your branding efforts
  • An increase in your company’s brand value, using a simple ad or a series of integrated ads
  • Great, memorable ads that actually boost sales


What makes an ad great?

The questions one should always bear in mind are:

  • What is the ad trying to say? 

Always deliver one, consistent message throughout, with only one objective in mind – the product / service in the ad has to be the centrepiece of attention, after all

  • Who are they talking to?

The more specific the target audience, the better! Ads that speak to the heart are usually the ones that win hearts. But it also needs to address the issue faced by the audience

  • Why would the target audience listen? Why should they care?

The more concrete the idea behind the ad, the more resonance the audience has with the brand. After all, an ad is a medium to deliver solutions to the needs and wants of your audience.


Example of a great ad


“How the Dumb Ways to Die Game Got People To Be Even Safer Around Trains”

( /

The objective of the ad is to promote rail safety and to educate and remind people to appreciate their lives. Accidents and deaths on Melbourne’s train system had been on the rise for years, but public safety messages didn’t seem to be working, especially with young people. The authorities hence looked for another way to drive this message home, turning to entertainment and branded content to engage the target market.

So, instead of placing multiple safety messages across the board, which were effectively useless, the public safety message was delivered in a sarcastic way by depicting multiple scenarios of some of the dumbest ways to die.   Results:

  • It convinced 1 million young people to pledge to be safer around trains, which resulted in a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths.
  • It was viewed 2.5 million times within 48 hours and 4.7 million times within 72 hours. Within two weeks, the video had been viewed 28 million times. As of June 2014 the video has had over 81 million views.

©McCann Melbourne, Australia


Awards & Accolades Garnered


Let us help you make great ads!     

At LINs.AD, we specialize in 360o advertising, marketing and branding solutions. So contact us at 03-9221 3388 (ask for Mickie, Shirly or Bernard), drop us an email at or visit


How do your customers perceive your company / brand emotionally?

How does your customers perceive your company / brand emotionally?

Find out how the 7 most common Colours drive customers to or from you!





BLUE symbolises TRUST

GREEN symbolises PEACE


Color Emotion Guide

To know more about colours vis-à-vis branding and their associated studies, visit and schedule an obligation-free Consultation with us!

Stanzo Collection comes to Malaysia

1st retail concept store now at 1 Mont Kiara Mall


  • Venue:1 Mont Kiara Mall (Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur)
  • Date:Saturday, 19th July 2014

Established in 1987 in Kuala Lumpur, MHF (Puchong) Retail Sdn Bhd (“MHF”) is a Malaysian pioneer offering customers an all-inclusive furniture shopping experience literally under one roof, in an enormous display house. In yet another exquisite offering to clients and customers, MHF recently launched its first retail concept store for the Stanzo Collection of residential and office furnishing.

Stanzo” or “Stanza” is an Italian term, which literally means “rooms”. MHC’s Stanzo Collection concept store currently houses two tasteful brands, elegantly names “Songdream” and “Prostoria” that offer the best of East and West.


“We chose “Stanzo” because its translation as “rooms” in English very aptly befits the property showroom style we seek to adopt for our Stanzo Collection concept store. To highlight the showroom concept, furniture featured in our store will be displayed according to varying room concepts to allow customers to better visualize their individual designs. Each room’s setup will feature complementing furniture and fittings to replicate an actual residential or workplace setup,” said Ken Low, Group Managing Director of MHF and the Stanzo Collection.

The “Songdream” collection will surely appeal to those seeking a contemplative environment, with its modern, contemporary furniture selection providing a distinct Zen-like charm. Indeed, its complete range of sofas, coffee tables, room dividers, chairs, bookcases, dining tables and wardrobes will enchant Zen-concept lovers.

Croatia and hence Western-based “Prostoria” meanwhile bases its design along clean lines working in tandem with different shades of calm palettes, accentuated by bright shades such as passionate red and lively green. With a versatile collection of wood, steel and fabric furniture and furnishings, it is unsurprising the “Prostoria’s” multifunctional sofa model “Uplift” recently won the German Design Council’s prestigious Interior Innovation Award.

The Stanzo Collection is aimed at discerning, affluent home owners who are passionate about designing their home interiors by themselves.


Gracing the event was popular MyFM DJ, Mei Yan, with a press conference with Mr. Low concluding the pleasantries.


LINs.AD and LINs Comm congratulate MHF (Puchong) Retail Sdn Bhd on the successful launching of their Stanzo Collection! We’re proud to be your agency and event management professionals of choice!

To find out more about the Stanzo Collection, click here.

Gunn Report 2013 Results

Gunn Report 2013 Results

Gunn Report 2013

Honouring the best agencies globally

The Gunn Report, created in 1999, is based on a simple idea.  It combines the winners’ lists from all of the world’s most important award contests, thereby establishing the annual worldwide league tables for the Advertising industry. Put simply, it’s pretty much ad industry’s “Oscars”!

Gunn Report

Gunn Report 2013


The Most Awarded Commercials in The World in 2013

Metro TrainsDumb Ways to Die (McCann Melbourne) triumphs in the Film table and also takes first place in Digital, second place in All Gunns Blazing and third equal place in Print. The most awarded campaign in the history of The Gunn Report.

Southern Comfort • Whatever’s Comfortable – Beach (Wieden+Kennedy, New York)


Carlton Draught • Beer Chase (Clemenger BBDO (Melbourne)

Joint 4th 

Axe • Susan Glenn (BBH, New York)

Leica M Monochrom Camera • Soul (F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, São Paulo)



The Most Awarded Print Ads & Campaigns in The World in 2013

Expedia Travel • Luggage Labels campaign (Ogilvy & Mather, London)


Harvey Nichols Sale • Pelicans (Y&R Dubai)

Joint 3rd

Coca-Cola • #Cokehands (Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai)
Metro Trains • Dumb Ways to Die (McCann Melbourne)
The Sunday Times Rich List • Rich List 2013 pool (CHI & Partners, London)



The Most Awarded Digital in The World in 2013

Metro Trains • Dumb Ways to Die (McCann Melbourne)


Nike+ Fuelband • Nike+ Fuelband (R/GA, New York)


Adidas Neo • Window Shopping (TBWA\Helsinki)

Joint 4th

Google / Lego • Build With Chrome (M&C Saatchi/Mark, Sydney)
The JFK Presidential Library & Museum • Clouds Over Cuba (The Martin Agency, Richmond VA)



The Most Awarded All Gunns Blazing in The World in 2013

Hemoba/Vitoria FC • My Blood Is Red & Black (Leo Burnett Tailor Made, São Paulo) – the most awarded campaign ever in All Gunns Blazing.


Metro Trains • Dumb Ways to Die (McCann Melbourne)


Nike+ Fuelband • Nike+ Fuelband (R/GA, New York)


Sports Clube de Recife • Immortal Fans (Ogilvy Brasil, São Paulo)


Samsung Life Insurance • The Bridge of Life (Cheil Worldwide, Seoul)



Most Awarded Campaigns Across Tables 1 – 4 in 2013

Metro Trains • Dumb Ways To Die


Hemoba/Vitoria FC • My Blood Is Red & Black


Nike+ Fuelband • Nike+ Fuelband

Dove • Real Beauty Sketches


Australian Defence Force • Mobile Medic



The Most Awarded Countries in The World in 2013
1st. USA
2nd. Australia break the 1 – 2 stranglehold that USA and UK have had for last 14 years.
3rd. UK
4th. Brazil
5th. France



The Most Awarded Advertisers in The World in 2013

Nike or Volkswagen has topped the table every one of The Gunn Report’s 15 years. This year it was Nike’s turn.




Axe / Lynx







The Most Awarded Production Companies in The World in 2013

First time at the top of the Table for Biscuit Filmworks (London, New York, LA)


Paranoid (Los Angeles, São Paulo)


MJZ (London, LA, New York)


Rattling Stick (London, Los Angeles)


Henry de Czar (Paris)

The Most Awarded Director in The World in 2013

Southern Comfort “Beach” (amongst many others) Director, Tim Godsall, is a clear winner.


Ringan Ledwidge (UK, USA)

Joint 3rd 

Julian Frost (Australia)
Tom Kuntz (USA)

Joint 5th 

Steve Ayson (Australia, NZ, Thailand)
Marcos Kothar (Brazil)



The Most Awarded Agency in The World in 2013

A first time tie for first place – Wieden+Kennedy (Portland, New York) (who topped the table last year) and McCann (Melbourne) (first time in Top 50 table)


Almap BBDO (São Paulo)


Ogilvy Brasil (São Paulo) (highest ever ranking)

Joint 5th

BBH (London)
Clemenger BBDO (Melbourne & Sydney) (highest ever ranking)



The Most Awarded Agency in Digital in The World in 2013

Second time at top for R/GA (New York)


Forsman & Bodenfors (Gothenburg)


McCann (Melbourne)

Joint 4th

AlmapBBDO (São Paulo)
Wieden+Kennedy (Portland, New York)



The Most Awarded Agency Network in The World in 2013
Rankings 1 to 4 are the same for the fourth year in a row but in a slightly different order.


BBDO top the table for the eighth year straight.






Leo Burnett 


McCann (highest ever ranking)


Award winning advertisement and campaigns are built on the foundation of understanding customers, gaining insights of their problems and offering solutions. Other than reach, these advertisement focuses on impact that it does to the community.

Talk to us to bring new life and new direction to your upcoming marketing campaign!

LINs.AD brings cheer to Cheshire Home residents

LINs.AD brings cheer to Cheshire Home residents


  • Date:Saturday, 5th July 2014
  • Venue:Cheshire Home, Jalan Ipoh, Selangor

In tandem with its CSR program, LINs.ADians visited the Selangor Cheshire Home to spread some cheer to its elderly and disabled residents. The LINs.AD delegation, led by Account Servicing Director, Bernard Lim, was greeted by patron Datin Paduka Khatijah Sulieman upon arrival.


Both Bernard and LINs.AD HR Manager, Sue Taralasingam, addressed residents briefly upon arrival, before proceeding to distribute gifts of all sorts – including groceries, cash donations and art materials – aided by their fellow LINs.ADians. Many of the patrons are gifted artists, and the art materials were very well-received, indeed.


It was then “makan” (meal) time, and everyone partook feistily in the feast of the “nasi briyani”, with LINs.ADians taking the time to reach out and bond with the Home’s residents.


Datin Paduka Khatijah Sulieman then took everyone on a tour of the Home, with its modern facilities and amenities, all of which were most impressive indeed. All in all, it was truly a refreshing field-outing for everyone concerned, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish the residents of Cheshire Home Selangor well.

Look out for more LINs.AD CSR activities, headed your way!

If there are any charitable organizations seeking sponsors or contributions from companies with similar CSR programs, just add us as a “Friend” onf_linsadv and PM us there. We’ll get back to you, soon.