The “what” & “how”

What is an Ad Rate Card?

A Rate Card is simply a manual that newspapers, magazines and mass media owners issue, to notify potential customers of what it would cost, to advertise with them.

It would typically contain the physical dimensions and prices for virtually any type of advertisement you may wish to publish, and hence allow you to budget accordingly.

Undeniably, perusing a Rate Card can be a daunting task for those confronted with the onslaught of figures appearing on one.

But in this article, we at LINs.AD shall attempt to explain how you can read and understand a Rate Card, before deciding on the type, size and budget of any advertisements you wish to publish.

How to peruse an Ad Rate Card

2014 Ad Rates-1(edit)Here’s a very basic example of how you can quickly peruse a Rate Card, for budgeting purposes.

This Rate Card shows the rates for all DISPLAY ads on a local, English-language newspaper.

Now, if you wish to advertise on the “STARMETRO EDITION” from Mondays to Saturdays, and in its “CENTRAL” section, you’ve a choice, ranging from “CASUAL” to “45 insertions”.

Say you choose “CASUAL”, i.e. one-off advertising, this is the most commonly used Formula you will need to know:

Minimum Rate = Column (width in cm) X Column (height) X Relevant Ad Rate


How much of the page does your ad occupy?


Example 1

Let’s start with a full-page ad. A full-page on this paper consists of 37 cm X 8 columns. In this case, your basic rate would be:

37 cm X 8 columns X RM46 = RM13,616

Now, you also need to factor-in the inevitable 6% GST (Goods & Services Tax), which means:

RM13,616 + 6% GST = RM14,433


HALF PAGE (1)Example 2

You may, of course, decide to do a half-page horizontal ad. In this instance, your basic rate would be:

18 cm X 8 columns X RM46 = RM6,624

Now, factor-in the 6% GST, and your overall rate would be:

RM6,624 + 6% GST = RM7,021




Example 3

Should you decide to do a half-page vertical ad, here’s how you go about calculating your budget:

37 cm X 4 columns X RM46 = RM6,808

RM6,808 + 6% GST = RM7,216



See? There’s really nothing to it!

Other factors

Please remember that there are other factors or variables that inevitably enter the picture, where Ad Rates are concerned. These include:

  • Seasonal factors (e.g. are you advertising during a peak festive season?)
  • Colour formats (e.g. black-and-white or full colour?)
  • Special edition pull-outs (usually more expensive, but are you interested?)
  • Number of re-runs (if you do so, you may be able to negotiate a package rate)

This is where we at LINs.AD can help you – by advising you on the best type of layouts and pricing that suit your needs, and that ensure maximum coverage. As one of the very few 4As agencies with a specialized Media & Classified Department of our own, trust us when we say: “We are your 360o advertising, marketing and branding consulting partner!”