SMEs/SMIs: Do You Need An Agency?

SMEs/SMIs: Do You Need An Agency?

The role of agencies in Brand-Building & Communications

Advertising is the form of communication used to persuade or influence prospects to buy your product or service. It is about taking the client’s marketing strategy, and converting it into salient, memorable consumer messages.


Marketing, meanwhile, is the process of communicating the value of your product or service to customers with the intention of selling it to them. To do so, you need to be able to assume your customers’ point of view, and convert it into a conscious, structured marketing strategy.


And this brings us to branding, which is your company’s core philosophy, intended to differentiate your product or service from those of your competitors’, thereby allowing you to establish a niche market for your company.

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So branding is the main philosophy, with marketing as part of the philosophy, propelled by advertising.

This is where a reputable, full-service agency comes in handy – as an advertising, marketing and branding partner, in helping you carve a niche for yourself in the market.

Agency Services

A full-service agency provides the following services:

Market Research Market Research & Analysis

Market segmentation

Target market research

Marketing plan development

Objective: To know and serve your clients, better

Phoenix-Media-Buying Media Planning & Buying

Media selection

Objective: To ensure that the media selected is aligned to your marketing plans

Public Relations Public Relations

Media invitations to events/launches

Press release development & distribution

Objective: Earned media coverage is more valuable than paid media coverage (plus, most in-house marketing execs are too busy with marketing campaigns and daily operations to have sufficient time to see to this)

88453580151505209_0yTVJOsT_c Sales & Marketing Alignment

    • Are your ads trying to push `Product A’, but your sales team is too focused on `Product B’?
    • If you launch too many ads simultaneously, with inadequate support from your sales team to boot, you will only confuse prospective customers
    • A marketing message has to be focused, with one thing done at a time
    • An agency offers an impartial 3rd party perspective about your business, which may elude your internal marketing or sales director
Marketing Strategy Creative Marketing & Strategy Development

    • There are many types of marketing channels and mediums available, today
    • These range from below-the-line (BTL) to above-the-line (ATL), and offline events to online e-commerce
    • A coherent strategy is hence needed to ensure that your marketing effort reaches your intended consumer, thus resulting in tangible sales
    • A beautifully-designed brochure does not necessarily ensure that prospects will buy; it is only through a creative mix of marketing mediums and channels that a greater impact can be made
    • Here, only marketing and branding agencies will have the expertise you need
Branding-Strategies Strategic Brand Management

    • All branding efforts should share congruence, right from the brand’s logo, to its website’s copy tone and style, to the directors’ signatures
    • There should also be an alignment of creative concepts in all marketing materials
    • Your customers’ perception of your brand is comprehensive and multi-dimensional; beautifully-designed products and ads might bring you customers, but it’s the brand experience that retains you your customers
    • Objective: To reflect brand image and company culture, as intended
 Slider-Marketing-Analytics-5 ROI & Marketing Analytics

    • Anything that’s measurable is improvable
    • To ensure that the amount of money invested into marketing generates acceptable ROI, marketing analytics are required
    • While internal marketing managers are capable of providing simple analyses with the help of relevant software, such analyses may not include real feedback from customers
Product Development Product Development & Design

Product packaging and idea seedling from a marketing perspective

Pricing and competitor analyses

Pre-sale offers and marketing

Product launch sequence

    • Objective: To tap into the agency’s experience on multiple product launches, in determining your product’s success over the first 6 months, especially if you are in the FMCG industry
Eventmanagement Event Management

Press conference

Product launching

Opening ceremony


Games and contests

Other `brand experience’ campaigns

    • Our Objective: To provide your customers a great brand experience, the A to Z of this experience should be well thought out and executed
Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

Consumer behaviour online

Cross-media integration

Interactive media development

Website and apps development

Traffic generation

    • You’ve only 2 seconds to engage customers in this digital age
    • The maximum time spent on an online ad, over the past 5 years, has dropped from 11 seconds to 8 seconds
    • Customers’ attention spans have also dropped dramatically
    • Technology changes so fast that not even the most well-equipped marketing team will be able to keep up with it
    • A freelance website developer will only be able to construct your website for you, but won’t be able to market it effectively for you
    • Our Objective: To harness the technical expertise and experience of an integrated, full-service agency as your best choice of digital marketing partner
 Celebrity Talent/Ambassador Search

    • Brand personality: Your choice of a brand ambassador can boost or tarnish your brand
    • The selection of the ambassador is hence important, as are the development of campaigns that revolve around your products or services vis-à-vis your brand ambassador
    • Here again, only a professional agency will be able to execute this effectively, on your behalf

As an integrated provider of 360o advertising, marketing and branding solutions, LINs.AD has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, ranging from sole proprietorships to MNCs, in addressing their equally diverse needs.

What’s more, we turn 25 this year! And our list of clients has long surpassed the 1,000 mark, since our inception in 1989. We’ve been through the booms and busts of the markets over the decades, and have worked with brands to capitalize on the booms, and to sustain themselves during the busts.

We see ourselves as your strategic branding partner, providing you with the essential marketing tools and insights that ensure your brand’s longevity, no matter the economic conditions that may come.

So contact us today for an obligation-free consultation at 03-9221 3388 (ask for Mickie, Shirly or Bernard), or drop us an email at or visit /